Hunt 36 UD Carbon Aero Rim Brake Wheelset

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With up to a 30.16% reduction in lateral flex over equivalent steel spoked wheelsets (please click here for full testing methodology and results), the 50 UD Carbon Spoke wheels have been engineered to provide you a significant increase in stiffness as well an impressively low weight. Using an innovative construction method, the 50 UD Carbon Spoke wheelset offers carbon spokes that are held purely mechanically, with no bonding required. We call this TaperLock, and it allows for carbon spokes that can be trued and maintained just like a normal steel spoke.

Plus the TaperLock UD Carbon spokes are incredibly strong achieving over 450kgf (kilograms force per spoke) maximum tensile strength, this compares to leading steel spokes wich only reach 300 kgf. The innovative filament wound rims feature spoke area reinforcement, which creates strength where you need it and saves you vital grams everywhere else.