CeramicSpeed Complete Service Packages

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Recommended every 6 months to maintain warranty status and keep optimum performance. 

Carried out by our Ceramic speed Authorised Service Centre.

We use official CeramicSpeed tools, degreasers and lubricants and are trained by CeramicSpeed to handle their products.

Full package including OSPW, BB and UFO chain treatment.

Includes CS UFO chain treatment, CS BB grease and CS Pully wheel oils

All CS products are dismantled in a dust free environment, bearing seals removed and cleaned with CS Specific degreasers before being blasted with an airline and then re-assembled with the appropriate greases/ oils. This keeps the CS products in line with their warranty and also keeps them working at optimum performance.

Ceramic speed Recommend a full service on their products once every 6 months to keep in line with their warranty and to keep the products working at optimum performance. If you're riding in wet and muddy conditions, we recommend you have an extended maintenance more frequently and replace oil with All Round Grease for a better protection.