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If you need spare parts for your bike service such as chains or rear cassette, we can provide all of them in store. In the case of most Shimano products we can price match if these are cheaper anywhere else. 

The gold service is recommended after 6-12 months of riding, depending upon personal mileage.

The service includes includes everything that you would expect in the bronze and silver service, plus a great deal more. The gold service is a complete strip down, inspection and rebuild of your bike, whilst adjusting, cleaning and lubricating all components. 

You'll be advised on any parts which need replacing and the cost of these parts (should you wish for them to be replaced) are not included in the service. 

We'd also recommend that you have your chain treated during the silver service. You can have a general 1000 mile treatment or race treatment, depending upon your circumstances. Read more HERE

You can book and pay online now and we'll contact you to arrange a time. Alternatively email to arrange a time before paying online to confirm booking. If you'd like us to collect your bike from your home we have one day each week when we can collect for free within a 20 mile radius. Please ask for further details.