Muc-Off Ultrasonic Chain Treatment

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The most exciting development in chain technology is here at B-Spoke Cycles, the Muc-Off Ultrasonic Chain Lab. The Muc-Off ultrasonic tank, clean your chain beyond anything you've ever used before and then the ultrasonic treatment lubricates your chain with either:

  1. Ludicrous AF Lube, which is the most advanced chain lube, designed for maximum race performance and maximum watts saved. The cost for ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication treatment is £50.

    2. Hydrodynamic 2.0 Lube for up to 1000 miles of watt saving performance in any condition. The ideal treatment and protection for riding all year round. The cost for ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication treatment is £25, you simply repeat the treatment every 1000 miles.

The treatments and costs above are for your current chain. We can also supply brand new chains which have been pre-treated and lubricated. The cost of a new chain is from an additional £26.99 

You can book and pay online now and we'll contact you to arrange a time to drop your chain in store. If you order a new chain, we'll ship it directly to your address. 

Alternatively email to speak to us in advance.